Slow Motives

by The Pathetic and Elegant

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James Trevor
James Trevor thumbnail
James Trevor This album rules!! Not only are the beats and loops catchy, the lyrics always manage to hit me with a wave of melancholy. That doesn't mean this is a sad album-- in fact it's quite comforting how relatable the lyrics are. Check it out along with the previous album, "I Am In Love"! Favorite track: Halls.
Carol Fisher
Carol Fisher thumbnail
Carol Fisher This is an excellent album Favorite track: Konnichi-Want-Me.
Adam H
Adam H thumbnail
Adam H fantastic album! dreamy, inventive and fun! Favorite track: And You're Still Here.
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A selection of songs documenting the year of 2015.

Let's talk: luke [at]


released February 14, 2016

All songs written by Luke Fisher. Copyright 2016 Spellabee Space.



all rights reserved


Spellabee Space Baltimore, Maryland

Spellabee Space was founded by Dylan McDonagh Richard Davis and Lucas Fisher as a community in which all mediums of art are accepted and given life. They believe in the universality of expression and see the common thread. This is a creative space created by friends for friends ... more

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Track Name: Konnichi-Want-Me
Let's talk like we're babies cause the way words work
Has never done us any good
I will move forward while you 1-2
And we think about all the things we got
Going on at home

So can you Konnichi-Want-Me
Ni Hao Ma-ney will kill me
Bonjour- no man can ever be
Anything else than what he can be

I'm only one man but I will do just what I can
To make you feel lonely during these summer nights
Go out and strut your stuff cause New York is waiting
I will be to but I will occupy the time

I'll just be walking 'round this city
That's been so average to me
Except for little blips of happiness
That bring you closer to me
Track Name: And You're Still Here
Oh, J****** J**** I'm waiting on your song
To pick me up right from the ground
Oh I know that there's no way I'll ever
Get this pay again so will you be my friend
Things they haven't been that good
I tell you I should head out while
There's still not much doubt

Oh, I hope that I'm the man
That you think I am
Oh, I hope that I'm the man
That will understand

Oh, I'll make it common place
To meet up with your face
I'm heading back 'round here again
Oh, we'll meet up with your brothers
And then maybe your mother too
I'll be right there next to you
Oh, J****** J**** you're waiting on
This song me too I hope
That you find it true
Track Name: If He Can Keep It Up
God Dammit stop your English talking
I'm trying to do some verbal crawling
A long time waiting but I'm so patient
When it comes to putting things off now
Feel my heart clearing while I'm tearing up
At things that don't mean that much
Put that behind and lose your mind
At all of the things that are going down

Weird and wonderful these things take time
Give it a rest and you'll be just fine
Keep touching my shoulder and I'll be liberal
With my trust in other people

These things they take too long
Through communication
Sister hear my song
It's getting louder
I'm through with this existing
Let's get with the persisting
And take control
Of our young lives

台湾 oh-no 人 hurt my heart just so
My life's in retrograde from all that's casting shade
You're anxious oh I've been anxious too
Let's get that together we've got living to do
Track Name: Keep You In Mind
I'm not sleeping much
When I don't have your touch
Why can't you come and stay with us

So many friends in love with you
I got to know that'll we'll pull through
What else is there for a dude to do

No don't you worry you'll be on my mind
You know someone's gotta be taking up all my time

Oh a see me grow I tell you so
There hasn't been much value here
Let me near my motives are sincere
I took a damn bus to arrive here

Oh I feel you now tell me how
Many songs you want me to sing
To make you bring over everything
And stay the nights here with me

Oh I keep you in mind
If I ever find the time
To get on with my fucking life
But in between days I'm thankful to say
That you're paving my way
Track Name: Oh, These Things
Stop masturbating and you'll be awaken
To how good it's been for the guy singing

Oh line is fine but you'll be mine
In waiting time In waiting time

Cause the day is something
That's worth confronting
Keep on stunting and forget the affronting

I need time to get just fine
But that's just life it'll be alright

If you're worth crushing on
Oh I'll let you crush me
Cause my life is never just what it seems

So in the meantime girl would you leave this place
My heart just don't got that much space
Waiting for your signal these feelings they're subliminal

And you don't even know that I'm making this up
I've got my head wrapped 'round bigger things
Imagine the promise that they'll bring
As I'm studying Japanese enjoying the breeze and getting you to love me
Track Name: Halls
Halls of literacy bring me back
To when I had so much to say
Now I'm listening to just what I pick up

But at the end of the day
Art is all just play
So let's dance a bit and make our hearts tick
Talk it over and say that "We're through with it."

Yeah, you got me smiling when I'm feeling down
All it really takes is just you hanging around
Yeah, you got me reeling when I leave this town
All I really need is just you hanging around

I've been looking for love eternally
But the thought remains internally
That I don't know if anyone will match you
So if you're feeling tough I want your strut
To be walking up next to me
All around town

When you say my name yeah it sounds so right
You can call me sweetie anytime
I hope that for the rest of my life
I'll be there to hold you tight

Let yourself Love
Let yourself Love again Luke
Living is nice that's why I've done it twice
And you're making better this double life
Track Name: Felt Like This Mess
I've just been reeling from this dealing
And endless concealing but I'm sure
You must know how that goes
Cause if bad art speaks to losers and creeps
I'll just be producing it in great heaps
As I'm thinking about all the girls I'd like to eventually meet

Cause I'm dreaming of palm trees across the sea
Will you at least pretend to be who I want you to seem
Everyday I see a little clearer so would you mind
Putting your face up next to mine

Everyone feels the same about the performance art game
But hey there is no shame in not living life the same
So let them eat me if I can't preach
Oh let them eat me if I can't preach

Cause what's been going on
Except for what's going on inside
Too bad I'm not sadder I'm loosing my matter
Give me a deadline so I'm not wasting time
Living in this city makes me feel shitty
But heading home makes my friends seem alone
I just wanna be where night times never wake me
Questing my life pastimes and dignity

Gotta get into electrical engineering
Cause these sparks that I'm feeling
Have me reconsidering this artistic career path
Oh girl you got the touch
An MBA ain't that much
I'm willing to travel with you all the way home
Fetishization has been my greatest frustration
Since coming back all those months ago
So maker fairs and long brown hair
Have me begging don't smile my way
Those pleasantries here to stay
So let's agree to meet on DC streets
And create a reason for tinkering our lives away