I Am In Love

by The Pathetic and Elegant

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Ruku I'm so very happy that I have this album in my life. Favorite track: PCHOF.
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0nodera This album is like if The Magnetic Fields' weird side got really into saké (That's a good thing!) Favorite track: PCHOF.
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This album is the result of 7 months spent studying abroad in Japan. It was wonderful, depressing, lonely and absolutely beautiful.

What People Are Saying About "I Am In Love":

". . .a seamless blending of lo-fi bedroom pop with awkward lines sung with sincerity. . .incredibly unique and compelling. . ."

"the music is clever, whistful lofi keyboard indie-pop that speaks, both in terms of sonic impression and lyrical themes, to the over-stimulation coupled with loneliness and isolation that one can experience when embedded in a foreign land far from anything they love or are familiar with. it's pretty good. "
-The Modern Folk Music of America

". . .like Beck, with more Dungeons and Dragons. . ."
- Aweh

Thank you for listening.


released August 22, 2014

Written and Recorded in Osaka, Japan.
Vocals for this record were recorded in various karaoke bars through out Japan.

All songs written by Lucas Fisher.
Copyright 2014 The Pathetic and Elegant



all rights reserved


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Track Name: And It Crept. . .
Oh, don’t mind me yes I’ll just be doing nothing.
A life of art is such a burden to start.
I’m wasting time and losing my mind everyday.
I haven’t felt this feeling since Nakamura.
I will go out and shout about until it’s morning.
Grieving through tears, I will have another beer.
Oh, treat me slow, I wanna know how dumb I feel.
Fuck everything and nothing at the same damn time.
I must assume that this perfume is not for me.
Thoughts are the same, what does it matter anyway?
Maybe I can get deported if I steal?
Oh, this human repeats himself again and again.
Oh, let me hug you in the morn’ till it’s boring.
Rachel, will you get Online I’m really lonely.
I’m wasting time and losing my mind everyday.
Fuck poetry and all that it taught to me.
I will spend all my money on capsule toys.
Why am I so persistently such a cunt?
I wish I could cry I might feel slightly better.
Oh, this human repeats himself again and again.
Oh, I’m okay my shoulder just does that sometimes.
Please, stop talking about all the things you’ve loved.
I lost my plan, I will just wait for it again.
Oh, don’t mind me, yes I’ll just be doing nothing.
Track Name: Come On, Baby
Come on, baby, let’s be sad.
About the life that we once had.
Come on, baby, let’s rejoice.
That we even have a voice.
Come on, baby, be friendly.
Let me feel your wizardry.
Come on, baby, let’s be stern.
Can you feel this heart’s yearn.
Come on, baby, will you get on.
So I can tell you somethings wrong.
We haven’t spoke in so long.
Come on, baby, old talkies.
Then we eat sukiyaki.
Come on, baby, big head mode.
Let me fit in your abode.
Come on, baby, I’m nothing.
How could you think that I’m frontin’?
Come on, baby, don’t bother.
Let’s go see the church father.
Come on, baby, what about,
The way we used to act out?
Come one, baby, you’re a lead.
I can’t believe that we’re a team.
Come on, baby, stand alone.
I’ll be your baritone.
Come on, baby, I’m a boy.
You know how we express joy.
Come on, baby, you’re my light.
I’ll admit that forthright.
Come on, baby, don’t be long.
I have so many more songs.
Come on, baby, don’t be long.
Track Name: PCHOF
You, came from a distant place.
To fill my head-space, with your face.
In Nihon, we will find all them parks that make our love shine.
Give it time we have the rest of our lives.
And I just want you to be mine.
All this art that we make, is all the stuff that we take for granted.
So shimmy over here, dear.
That body must have no fear, especially when I’m near.
I’d lose all my friends and forget all my inlaws, just to be with you when you fall asleep.
It’s the secrets we keep that keep us going and keep out love flowing, why don’t you come back to see me?
I’ll pay what I can if it makes me your man.
But now that you’re gone I’m sabishi.
And nihongo mutsukashi, nihongo mutsukashi.
Track Name: I've Felt Up Before
There may be a lot to see, but honey you know where all be.
In this tree house sipping tea playing FM Towns Marty.
All my smart friends think they’re dumb and all my dumb friends think I’m smart.
What can I say about this art except it gave me a hell of a start.
I’m tired of losing my mind trying to appear classy all the time.
In an outward place of people looking in and all I’m getting is pretty grim.

Turn your body to my place and don’t stop till we’re face to face.
‘Cause these songs are whats going on, come on down we’ll see what’s in this 10 horse town.
Can my body fit this way?
How much longer can I stay?
40 suns, one damn day.
Let this man, have his say.
Let’s throw glitter in the air and make art out of French braided hair.
While we sing in languages we don’t know.
I smile and cry, waiting in line at all of the beautiful things in life.

Time is fleeting and what’s worth keeping is keeping me strong from day to day.
I’ll be absent tomorrow and the day after that, trying to keep track of all these memories bringing me down.
God dammit I’m a poet and I surely know it.
‘Cause I’ve convinced myself for so long.
I wonder how you’re doing and all that’s brewing in the life that goes on without me.
But, if I’m to speak truthfully I just wanna be where you sleep.
Track Name: Call Me Weak
Can’t tell you why that this house it looks haunted.
And I feel like that I am the last man on earth.
With all these pretty Japanese girls walking around.
Demanding Prada for nada, while I struggle with mata.
And I got to say that this shit ain’t easy.
But thankfully the landscape are so very pretty.
So, I think I will die here at least in my dreams.
I got a girl back home who really misses me.

I’m lighting up like your sister’s face.
And I can’t wait to get out of this place.
So how does this get us back to the Summer?
Where we laid around never feeling no bummers.
We’ll whistle tunes our mother’s taught us,
Before, they’re comedy fodder.
I’m walkin’ round with a broken knee.
I’ll come to you as I be.

I hear the words you say in your sleep.
While I’m making these jangly beats.
I haven’t understood a single word,
In the past two or three weeks

I don’t know who the hell I know,
Or who I’ve yet to meet.
I listen to your voice silky sweet
Coming from computer speaks.

Pinkerton said it all in song,
I swear it won’t be that long.
Being moved to tears, by Tony Bourdain.
How I miss the day to day.
Don’t know how I feel to complain
That Japan is pretty mundain.
I’ve been excited, I’ve been scared.
But I’ve been told I’m something rare.
Call me stingy call me weak.
But it’s really cold and I want your heat.
Genki desu ka? Free at last.
Forget that I want the past.
I’m waking up in the middle of the night.
With the following phrase ruining my life.
What if we come back from missing
each other only to find out,
we ain’t each other.
Track Name: I've Got The Vibes
Reaching desperately to the air
For the ghosts of previous affairs
Understanding only crossed arms and nos
Unfortunately, honey we are closed
If I wanted to be alone
I could have done that in states
That I call home
Everyone here is just a person
Day to day with all that hurting
Yeah the coffee is pretty expensive
I’ma take the densha and pension
Sure I’m living within reason
Perhaps it should have been more Parisian
Shouting wildly to the moon
Dancing ‘round karaoke rooms
Until you’re back in my life
I’ll be living it down with every vice
Hey there sassy boy
Come and dance with me
Hey there sassy boy
Get in this grave with me
Hey there sassy boy

Pale pariahs izakayas
I can’t really get much higher
I’m no liar I’m a try-er
If we fail it would be dyer
I ain’t staying in Japan any longer than I am
Writing love songs to these girls
Who will never understand
When we’re back honey
You will be my wife
I mean after some years
And we are financially clear
After all the shit I’ve done
Yelling out in the name of fun
You still feel me you still care
About my wavelength and my flair
I’ve been grinding down all my teeth
Doing anything I can for heat
With the Chinese’s New Year on the way
Let’s make a resolution to stay
Track Name: Zandar
My legs are too big and my world is so small.
My little heart just cannot take it all.
Watching all this YouTube thinking all blog.
But then comes the part where I get really anxious and begin to think that I just won’t make it.
Mixing and a mingling all throughout the past.
Wasn’t for my father I’d have never known my junky ass.
Remember back in Newport News when we spoke truth?
I’m so sorry I never talk to you.
Now is the time to keep on forgetting.
My heart’s in spins.
Will you catch winds of my long lonely nights.
Give into the frights.
Duraflame boxes filled with electronics.
I feel so God Dammed tectonic.
I miss y'all so much.
Not really just the memories.
I haven’t had a clear thought since this infamy.
Will you let me know just how you’re growing old.
I’ve been loosing every little thing I’ve been told.
Listen to my lyrics and feel their soul.
I’m the next damn king of Rock ‘n Roll.
Track Name: Can You Feel Me
Thank you for coming to see me.
How do you feel about Earl Grey tea?
Please just sit on down and feel me all around.
This house is very old, like the ones I was told to see.
Can I just see your face?
Can I be your landscape?
Can I be the thing that makes you want to spruce up the place?
So let’s just grow old while your beams turn to mold.
While my friends worry about their thesis.
God Dammit feel the seasons.
Give it all, see it all, feel it all, I’m all.
You are a gospel I am an angel.
Together we are a beautiful fable.
Let me take you home, let me fit you in my home.
Maybe you’ll like all the people that I’ve know.
Isn’t it exciting to know that they are all going through this too?
Isn’t it it exciting to know that I am so close to you?
It’s been a long time, a very long time.
I nearly gave up this time.
Isn’t it exciting to know that I am coming home?
Track Name: Kata-Kata
Decorate myself with medals.
For somethings I’ve never done.
Maybe it will make life more fun, to think that I’m something I’m not.
Inject these sounds, deep into my ears.
In the hope it will get me through this year.
I’m so bi-panic and schizo-polar, by the end I will loose every molar.
I’ve wanted to be lonely for a long time, but by the end I hope you’re by my side.
Some things were obscuring my vision from decision like Asian girls, arcades and myself.
Let me be sad, I’ll just get mad at myself later on down the line.
I don’t know Japanese, so could you please leave me alone.
You’ll just wind up in eigo.
What else is there to do but just hang with you and tell you all the things that I know?
I can’t believe I’ve wanted this my whole life.
There must be some demon in me. I need some motivation.
So get with the persuasion.
Luke this is no time, to be out of your mind.
I don’t know a foreign land without your hand.
Leading me every step of the way.